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Custom Toolbox/Fuel Tank Combo Boxes


1.    2. 3.

    1.1953 Ford Custom painted Toolbox/Fuel Tank.          

    2. Powder coated Toolbox/Fuel Tank with external pump kit.        

    3. Diamond Aluminum plated Toolbox/Fuel tank combo matches bed height.

4.   5.       6.

    4. Diamond plated Tool/Tank combo with divider that separates pump from the rest of the toolbox.                      

    5. Glossy powder coat makes the toolbox match the truck.                           

    6. Tool box/Fuel Tank Combo includes arm shocks, which keeps the lid open.


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Custom Generator Boxes


 1.       2.        3.

    1. Honda 2000 generator box mounted on side of semi-truck, showing that the box can be mounted virtually anywhere.                       

    2. Side panels open to allow for ventilation on a Yamaha 2400.

    3. Locked Honda 2000 generator box bolted to the back of an RV.

4.    5.    6.

    4. Front view of a Honda 3000 generator box.                                           

    5. Sleek, small design of the Honda 2000 generator box is perfect for RV's.                      

    6. Customizable to fit any make or model, like this Yamaha 2400.

7.    8.   9.

    7. Honda 3000 box with cover plates removed.

    8. Honda 2000 generator box mounted securely on a semi-truck.

    9. Honda 2000 with cover plates removed.


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Auxiliary Fuel Tanks


1.     2.   3.

    1. 100 gallon tank with external pump kit.                           

    2. 80 gallon Fuel tank with mill finish.                                     

    3. 100 gallon tank, with diamond plating.


Order Info/Quotes Link: Auxiliary Fuel Tanks


Trailer Tongue Boxes



1.      2.     3.

    1. Includes arm shocks that keep the lid open.          

    2. Custom made trailer tongue box made to fit this Jeep trailer.                       

    3. Trailer Tongue Boxes come in multiple sizes.


Order Info/Quotes Link: Custom trailer tongue boxes


Boat Tanks


1.    2.      3.

    1. Mirax non-rusting and lightweight aluminum mill finish boat tank.    

    2. Set of two tanks with carrying handles; fabricated mirror images of each other.     

    3. Different gallon capacities and sizes ensures a perfect fit for your boat.


Order Info/Quotes Link: Boat tanks


Custom Toolboxes


1. 2.       3.

    1. Square toolbox is perfect to fit any space.                                 

    2. Toolboxes can be made in any size to fit your needs.                 

    3. Includes arm shocks to keep the lid open.


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