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Generator Boxes

Have you ever gone out to fill your portable generator only to find that it is no-where to be seen?  Small generators such as the Honda 2000 have become indispensable for RV’s, trailers, and other applications where an auxiliary source of power is desired.  They provide a portable compact source of power, but unfortunately their compact size makes them a target for theft. 

KSH has a new item that offers a solution to this problem.  Our new Generator Box provides an affordable and convenient way to secure your portable generator.  The polished aluminum diamond plate box encases the generator and is secured with a lockable lid. The box is Open generator box with covers removedbolted to the bed of your truck, trailer, RV, etc.   

The Generator Box measures 18“ H x 13“ W x 24“ L (OD) and was designed specifically for the Honda 2000 generator.  The box has a locking latch on theInside generator box viewed from open top front of the Generator Box that secures the lid. The hinged lid opens wide to allow easy access to the top of the generator for filling. There is a hole in the side of the box for choke access. The box also has a removable plate on the side of the generator box that provides air circulation while the generator is in use and to allow quick access to the on and off switch and pull cord. There is an opening in the front of the generator box that provides access to the control panel, cord outlets and provides air circulation while the generator is in use. The KSH Small Generator Box sells for $275.00 each plus shipping and handling charges.

The pictures above show the Small Generator Box for the Honda 2000.  The picture top left shows the unit with the lid closed and the cover plates in place.  The picture above right is the same unit with the lid open and the cover plates removed.  The picture above right is the view into the open box.

Have a different make or model of portable generator? Give KSH a call at (928) 680-6610. We will be happy to design and make a custom box with the same features to fit your particular generator.









The pictures above show a custom generator box mounted on the back of a motor home.  The box has removable cover plates on the front and side of the box for easy access to the generator inside.  The generator box has a locking latch on the front.  The lid can also be closed and locked with the cover plates removed.  Removing the cover plates allows access to the generator and provides needed ventilation while keeping it safely locked and bolted to the RV.


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