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50-Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank

The KSH 50-Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank is designed to use the least amount of bed space while providing 50-gallons of additional fuel storage.  The tank can be used as either an auxiliary diesel fuel tank or an auxiliary gas tank for the truck bed. It is available in the standard and low profile models.  The Low Profile and Standard Model tanks are made of .125 gauge polished aluminum diamond plate. Other options are available upon request as outlined below.  KSH Auxiliary Tanks are made with two baffles to control fuel sloshing and to provide added stability.  The Standard Model is designed to be bed height so that it will not interfere with the operation of a 5th wheel. The Low Profile Model is designed to be used with trucks that have special requirements such as tonneau covers and roll top covers.

The KSH 50-Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank is designed to work in diesel models of Dodge, Ford, and General Motors Trucks. The tank will work with either our Auxiliary Installation Kit or our Transfer Installation Kit. Click here for more information on our kits. Information on an external pump kit that would allow you to fill your tank or other vehicles from the auxiliary tank is also available by clicking above.

50-Gallon Auxiliary Tank Dimensions
Model Length Height Width
Standard 60" 19-1/4"* 11-1/2"
Low Profile 60" 16-1/5"* 13-1/2"

                                                                             *Plus 2 inch in Corner For Cover Plate

Options:  The KSH 50-Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank offers tanks made either of polished aluminum diamond plate or mill finish at the price noted below.  We offer powder coating or painting of any tank. Examples of powder coated or painted tanks can be seen by visiting our Custom Tank page. Locking gas caps are also available.


50-Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank: $565.00*

Auxiliary Installation Kit: $300.00*

Transfer Installation Kit:  $235.00*

Installation from our KSH Lake Havasu City AZ Facility: $200.00 (Larger trucks and trucks with plastic bed liners: $225.00)

Powder Coating or Painting: $275.00

Locking Cap: $10.35*

*plus shipping and handling charges and/or applicable sales tax.

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